Young Critics On The Edge – Day 2 – A Journey Of Self Discovery by Joe Trickey

On Sunday July 3rd, twelve young people from across the UK and Ireland arrived in Birmingham for On The Edge The World Festival of Theatre For Young Audiences.

In our latest blog post, Joe Trickey from Derby  reflects on our second day together and made some big discoveries about himself. 

Joe Trickey (centre) Young Critic On The Edge .Photo: Alan King 

My main apprehensiveness and anxieties of what the Young Critics will be participating in at the festival were answered today, at day two of the programme, with an intense yet exciting day of workshops at Millennium Point.

 The workshops we did today not only helped answer questions about the festival but about the rest of the young critics however I felt it helped answer questions predominantly about myself. 

In an interesting, self-centred (talk at someone else without a reply for two minutes) discovery of the self, activity, personally epitomised the day and helped answer how to be critical. Learning the methods of how to critique and also think about the different dynamics a theatrical performance could bring with it, assisted with what will be the next step, going to watch some theatre for young audiences. 

Day three awaits!

Young Critics On The Edge is a 5 day-long programme to develop critical analysis skills in young people aged 18–25 as part of On The Edge The World Festival of Theatre For Young Audiences.


Young Critics On The Edge  is a collaboration between Barnstorm Theatre Company, NAYD (National Association for Youth Drama) Ireland and Mess Up The Mess, Get the Chance (Wales) in conjunction with the Symposium strand of theASSITEJ Artistic Gathering for 2016.


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