Young Critics On The Edge -Reflections from Day 2- Why are we here? By Saoirse Anton

On Sunday July 3rd, twelve young people from across the UK and Ireland arrived in Birmingham for On The Edge The World Festival of Theatre For Young Audiences.

In our latest blog post, Saoirse Anton from Irleand asks herself the biggest question of all, Why are we here? 

Young Critic On The Edge Saoirse Anton & fellow Young Critic Tejal Mandalia. Photo : Alan King

Why are we here? 

No, I don’t mean in the grand scheme of things, (though if you have the answer to that, feel free to contact me; I’ll be the Irish one wandering round Birminghamin a long skirt with her nose stuck in a map) but why are we at On The Edge, why should we be interested in theatre for young audiences? 

After a long day of workshops, we here at Young Critics On The Edge came up with many questions (and quite a few answers), but the most interesting ones were, naturally, around theatre for young audiences.

Why do we make theatre for young audiences?

Do we make it to educate, do we want to just entertain, or maybe both? Perhaps we want to share our passion and ensure the continuation of our artform? Maybe we want to make connections between generations, or maybe practitioners just find it fun. Did we find one answer? No. Most likely, it’s all of these and more. Today is only day two, but if anything, I expect that over the next few days we will find more answers rather than narrowing the list down and that is an exciting prospect.

Update  Day 3 . 

Today it was into the theatre with our first two shows of the festival. Provided I don’t get irretrievably lost in Birmingham finding our next venue, I’ll be putting pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard) and reviewing Boing andBrush, so keep an eye out here and

Come join Young Critics On The Edge at Birmingham Repertory Theatre on July 7th  in the Parkside Building, Lecture Theatre from 5-6.30 to hear the Young Critics critical responses to several productions from On The Edge .

Learn about more Young Critics that are On The Edge here 

Young Critics On The Edge  is a collaboration between Barnstorm Theatre Company,NAYD (National Association for Youth Drama) Ireland and Mess Up The Mess, Get the Chance (Wales) in conjunction with the Symposium strand of the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering for 2016.


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